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  • Phase One: Schematic Design
  • Phase Two: Design Development
  • Phase Three: Contract Documents
  • Phase Four: Approvals, Bidding and Contract Negotiations
  • Phase Five: Construction Administration
  • The Architect provides drawings and specifications for the Scope of Work in the five Phases listed below. These are the typical services we provide:

    Phase One: Schematic Design

  • Meet with Owner for programming
  • Verify existing survey and document the existing conditions
  • site analysis, including zoning regulations
  • Prepare design sketch plans for Owner's approval
  • Meet with Owner to review schematic design
  • Establish preliminary budget

  • Phase Two: Design Development
  • Research and select all materials, finishes, appliances, plumbing fixtures, hardware, countertops, cabinetry, lighting fixtures, doors, stairs and railing, etc.
  • Meet and coordinate selections with Lighting Consultant, Mechanical and Structural Engineers, and other consultants as required
  • Prepare design development large-scale sketches of areas requiring detail, such as kitchen and bathrooms
  • Meet with Owner to present sketches, samples, and catalogs
  • Prepare Design Development package, drawings and outline specifications for estimating
  • Obtain Design Development estimate
  • Meet with Owner to review estimate
  • Phase Three: Contract Documents
    Prepare drawings and specifications for construction bidding and a sample list of drawings might include the following:
  • General Notes, Site Plan
  • Construction and Finishes Plans, Wall Types, Finishes Schedule
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans, Electrical and Lighting Plans, Fixture Schedule
  • Sections and Elevations, Window Schedule
  • Kitchen Plan, Elevations and Details, Appliance and Plumbing Fixture Schedules
  • Master Bathroom Plan, Elevations, and Details, Plumbing Fixture and Accessories Schedule
  • Bathroom Plan, Elevations and Details, Plumbing Fixture and Accessories Schedule
  • Interior Elevations of wet bar, washer/dryer, closets, radiator cover
  • Interior Stairs Plans, Elevations, Details
  • Interior and Exterior Doors and Hardware Schedule, Door Types and Details

  • Coordinate final drawings and specs with Lighting Consultant and Engineers
  • Meet with Owner to review final Contract Documents
  • Phase Four: Approvals, Bidding and Contract Negotiations
  • Provide Contractor with Contract Documents required for Final Construction Costs, meet with Contractor to review drawings and specs
  • Prepare drawings for Board and Building Department Approval
  • Respond to Requests for Information from Contractor during bidding
  • Obtain and review final bid from Contractor
  • Review final Contract for Construction
  • Phase Five: Construction Administration
  • Attend site meetings with Owner and Contractor at appropriate intervals
  • Prepare site reports
  • Review shop drawing and sample submittals from Contractor
  • Respond to Requests for Information during construction
  • Review Contractor's requisitions for payments
  • Prepare punch list
  • Close out project, obtain Letter of Completion from Building Department
    The Architect shall be comnpensated in a manner to be determined. The owner shall receive a written proposal, based on the scope of work and service.
    The Architect shall be compensated for additional services other than services included as part of Basic Services. Rate to be determined.
    The Architect and Consultants shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the interest of the project, including but not limited to transportation, photography of existing conditions and construction progress, photocopies, long distance telecommunications, postage and deliveries, plotting of AutoCad drawings, reproduction and blueprints of drawings, mock-ups and samples.