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Schumann/Keller Project
Schumann/Keller Project

"Hiring Madeleine has turned out to be the smartest investment we made when we set out to build our addition. We were adding a large master suite with the simultaneous goals of integrating two prior additions into a single framework and bringing a modern feeling to a traditional home. Madeleine brought her incredible design skills and dedication, guiding us towards a solution to meet every challenge that arose. She is incredibly well organized and meticulous, saving us time, energy and money by staying one step ahead of the project plan. The results are incredible a warm and modern interior and a pulled together exterior that fits perfectly with the property."


Blinkhorn Projects
Blinkhorn Residence
Blinkhorn Kitchen Project

"Madeleine Sanchez is not simply a world-class architect. She is a consummate professional who is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Madeleine brings a sophisticated, contemporary yet classic aesthetic to her work, and it is infused into every detail of the engagement, from overall spatial design to small details like hardware finishes. She is passionate about her work, and does not consider her job finished until both she and her client are thrilled about the result.

Equally important, she is one of the most organized people I've ever worked with, and has an ability to map out and execute a project with ease.

I would recommend Madeleine for any project large or small without reservation."

Winne Addition
Winne Addition
"I could not be happier with my addition designed by Madeleine Sanchez! She executed everything, down to the smallest detail, perfectly. I would definitely recommend her, and I plan to use her services again. She is easy to work with and translated my broad ideas into a beautiful end product that suits us perfectly!"